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Wired "Found" future crossword

from the journal of everdred

wired_crossword The "Found" item in the August issue of Wired is a crossword puzzle from a 2019 issue of the NY Times - with mostly geeky type clues.

If you're familiar with Wired, you already know that this Found thing is a monthly thing featuring hypothetical future items and is usually pretty thought-provoking. This one takes it to a new level of thought-provoking-ness. :)

While glancing over it, I came up with a few answers off the top of my head, but I figured it might be more fun to get some of you in on it. The magazine points to this page, which notes that the puzzle will be available on, but not for another couple days.

So I went ahead and scanned it and posted it on Flickr. Anyone care to solve it together, as comments on this entry (or as comments on Flickr, I don't really care which)?

C'mon, it'll be fun, etc.! A meta... something-or-other!

The image to the right is linked to the photo page on Flickr... for your convenience, here are a couple of direct links to larger sizes. (805x1024, 217k, 1510x1920, 380k)

original thread here (with answers)
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