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(e) None of the above.

intro thing

i'm obsessed with writing cryptic crosswords... but am very much un-versed in cryptic crossword lore (had no idea what pnostlove was on about with balfour... but i think having no idea might have been the idea? hmm)

anyway i'm not that good at doing cryptic crosswords either, but i'd like to improve.

right i'm starting to bore myself so i should stop :) this could become a fun place to obsess cryptically, though
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Well, as for Balfour, a chap called Sandy Balfour wrote a sort of biography which was half about his life coming from South Africa to live in Britain and half about how he learned to do cryptic-crosswords along the way. I'd recommend it...

As far as not being very good at them goes, I wouldn't worry about that too much. I was sort of curious on setting up this community to find out what other people are like with them. Personally, sometimes I finish them, sometimes I can't get past two or three answers, if I even get a start.

We need more people to post crosswords that they've set themselves, or at least clues that they've come up with. That'd be a nice way of sharing the fact that we don't have anything better to do with our time...